The MochiGroup Series White Cotton Mask

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This simple and essential mask is perfect for daily outings, travels, or just at home. It’s perfect for protecting against dust and air pollution! It’s made with a soft cotton and has a flat design. To use this mask, simply cover your nose and mouth area with the mask and secure the loops around your ears!

  • Made in South Korea
  • Not medical grade
  • Flat design
  • Machine washable

NOTE: All mask sales are final and returns or exchanges cannot be accepted for mask purchases.

Please note: this mask is not medical grade and should not be used in a professional health care environment. This mask should only be worn causally or as a last resort. Wearing any kind of mask while traveling can help remind others about the social distancing guidelines.

IMPORTANT: if you are a medical professional and need our inventory as a last resort, please contact us immediately at We will prioritize all shipments to all medical complexes. We are ready to do whatever is necessary to assist the ongoing COVID-19 events. Please do note that we are not a medical equipment manufacturer but we do have procurement, supply networks, and manufacturing capabilities to assist.

Materials Cotton
Dimensions 7.09 x 4.72in.
Weight 0.35oz
Product Status Location
White Cotton Mask In Stock — Ready to Ship Seattle, WA, 98134

Due to our COVID-19 policy in-person pickup / curbside pickup services are currently not available to minimize the risks for our team. We are so sorry for the inconvenience!

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