About MochiThings

We're all about cute and functional products.

  • Co-founded by a wife and husband team in their condo back in 2011.
  • We have a global team of 13 amazing employees in various functions.
  • We have offices & warehouses in Seattle and in Seoul.

About MochiThings

We are MochiThings and we are headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA. We offer the cutest, the most unique, and the most functional products. We are primarily an online stationery store but we have recently expanded our selection in many more areas in which you can discover everything by browsing our catalog. Everything we have available in our selection is available to ship worldwide too!

MochiThings was co-founded by Yoon and Leon in 2011 in their condo after graduating from their gruelsome engineering curriculum. But, it all began in 2009 with one question from Yoon: why is it so difficult to find any cute and functional products? Yoon posed this problem in her entrepreneurship class and the very idea of MochiThings was born. The very need of something tangible, something that Yoon can be emotionally attached to to get through a demanding engineering curriculum, anything, as a support mechanism to get through the struggles in life... can be found in something as simple as cute stationery. This need is the foundation of MochiThings.

Yoon's graduation rolls around in 2010 and Leon had been going through numerous stints of opportunities in the startup world. Yoon's job prospects were unfortunately quite grim after graduating into the world of the post-housing crisis. The need of a support mechanism was growing again to get through this tremendous struggle. The question was again asked by Yoon. This time, Leon heard, and decided to fully implement the idea, together.

With this very need as the guiding factor, MochiThings have grown tremendously. It guides every decision we make in this organization. This need is ever so more relevant today with our global struggles as a society. And we are so well posed to help every member of society with this need. We are so fortunate to have hundreds of thousands of customers joining us through our mission and supporting us no matter how small or large. It is such an honor to receive individual stories and messages about how much our products have helped them get through their own struggles. Every year, Yoon and Leon, thinks back on one of the first customers of MochiThings: do you remember the high school senior who bought some pens from us? She probably graduated, got into her dream university, graduated there too, made it into her dream company and worked her way up the hierarchy... and maybe even started a family too! This is why everything we do is worth it.

We currently have a staff of 13 awesome team members to ensure that all orders are appropriately being fulfilled and managed correctly. We are a tight-knit family and we are very passionate in what we do. All of our team members are very specialized in many areas ranging from design, engineering, data science, business development, performance marketing, and so much more. We are growing at a significant pace and we need additional help to spread cuteness all over the world!

We pride ourselves in discovering, investing, and mentoring up-and-coming designers who can potentially create a huge impact in the stationery world. We assist designers in going through a sustainable manufacturing process all the way to market entry with all of our proprietary processes. This had been a long and difficult journey in which the quality is reflected throughout our catalog exclusively available on MochiThings.com. We are constantly pushing ourselves to keep improving on what we have and we won't stop until everyone in this amazing world can experience MochiThings. We hope you can join us and support us in this journey too!

We are always searching for amazing talent for our organization. If you are interested in joining our team please visit our careers page to learn more!

Thank you so much for spending your time here. It is an absolute pleasure to meet you and we would love to learn more about you too! Please do connect with us on social media or contact us directly at any time!

Can I find MochiThings at other retailers?

We are currently not partnered with any other retailers for our products. Our products are currently only available at MochiThings.com. If there's another online or offline retailer claiming to offer our products: please be extremely careful as we do not distribute our products through other retailers.