Operation Status

Effective communications and peak efficiency is a key objective for all employees at MochiThings. We strive to be transparent in our daily performance and will note any major impacts to our customer servicing here.

Last Updated: Thursday, March 23, 2023

Fulfillment Status

We are operating normally. Our team is currently processing the same (or next business day) for all orders!

Communication Status

We are operating normally.

We are temporarily processing return packages on a weekly schedule (currently Monday.) This is done to ensure the safety of our staff as we are limiting the number of staff present in our locations during the pandemic. We expect this scheduling to last well into the year. We are so sorry for this delay!

Please note that our return address changed! The new address is:

MochiThings LLC
624 South Lander Street
Suite 29
Seattle WA 98134

Please do not worry if you have shipped a return package to our previous address. We will continue to accept those!

Manufacturing Status

We are operating normally.