The Cloud Hanger is an adorable piece of home decor! It is a cloud shaped metal wire that can be attached to a wall. It’s perfect for hanging your scarves, accessories, clothes, and more! It’s both super functional and also serves as a decoration for your home. The simple design makes it versatile for use in children’s rooms, living rooms, offices, closets, and more!

The Cloud Hanger can be attached to a wall using 2 screws or another type of fastener. Different types of wall materials work best with different types of wall fasteners. Please make sure to use what is best for the walls in your home!

This home accessory provides an easy way to add functionality and a decorative touch to your home. Check out the photos to learn more and see all the details!

Please note: while the Cloud Hanger can be used in the bathroom or kitchen, continued exposure to moisture can shorten the hanger’s lifespan and cause it to rust. We would recommend using it in well-ventilated spaces with minimal exposure to moisture. Also, there may be very small dents, but this is not a defect. It is from the handmade process of the Cloud Hanger.

Style Dimensions Weight Materials
Cloud Hanger, Gray Gray 16.9 x 9.85 x 2.05in. 11oz Metal Wire
Cloud Hanger, White White 16.9 x 9.85 x 2.05in. 11oz Metal Wire
Style Status Location
Cloud Hanger, Gray Gray Discontinued
Cloud Hanger, White White Discontinued

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Cloud Hanger Styles


We will no longer be restocking this product. Please check the related products for similar products or please feel free to contact us for an alternative!