The Caution Sticker Set is a unique and edgy sticker set! This set features all 10 styles of the cute Caution Sticker and each package comes with 2 pieces of each style for a total of 20 stickers! Each style is designed to look like a real warning sign or label. The size of the sticker varies by style, so please note the following sizes:

  • Caution 2.95in x 1.97in
  • CCTV 3.74in x 1.77in
  • Danger (Green) 2.95in x 1.57in
  • Danger (Red) 2.95in x 1.57in
  • Fragile (Black) 1.97in x 2.76in
  • Fragile (Ivory) 1.77in x 2.76in
  • Fragile (Red) 2.95in x 1.97in
  • Turn Off 3.74in x 1.77in
  • Warning (Ivory) 3.35in x 2.56in
  • Warning (Orange) 3.35in x 2.56in

These fun stickers have a glossy coating for a shiny finish, just like real warning labels! The backing is split in half so that it’s easy to peel. You can stick these on any personal items that need some flair, like your notebooks, scrapbooks, phone, or laptop! Or use them to provide real warnings on risky items or put them on boxes when you’re moving. These unique stickers put the fun in “functional”! Please check the photos to learn more about these distinctive stickers!

Materials Paper
Dimensions 3.74 x 2.56 x 0.2in.
Weight 0.78oz
Product Status Location
Caution Sticker Set New inventory arriving Jan 28 - Feb 4 Seattle, WA, 98134

Due to our COVID-19 policy in-person pickup / curbside pickup services are currently not available to minimize the risks for our team. We are so sorry for the inconvenience!

Currently Not Available

This product is currently out of stock. We have new inventory arriving January 28 - February 4. Please check back around that time!

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