The Greengrass Desk Organizer is a super cute and adorable desk organizer! The Greengrass Desk Organizer comes with a total of 8 boxes. Each box is differently sized to allow you to store all kinds of office items, washi tapes, cosmetic items, and other items you may have on your desk! These 8 boxes are sized at:

  • 1 Large box sized at 11.9×4.1×2.8 in.
  • 2 Long boxes sized at 6×1.2×4.1 in.
  • 1 Medium box sized at 2.4×4.7×1.3 in.
  • 3 Small boxes sized at 2.4×2.2×2 in.

All boxes can be used separately or be placed together to create a 12.4×8.1×1.3 in. container too! The long boxes as well as the medium sized box has a different colored pattern on each side so you can rotate it to a different colored pattern once in awhile to give your desk a new look! Please check out the photos to learn more!

Please note that the desk organizer is shipped flat and light folding is required.

Materials Coated Paper
Dimensions 12.4 x 8.07 x 6.5in.
Weight 13oz
Product Status Location
Greengrass Desk Organizer Discontinued

Currently Not Available

This product has been discontinued as we cannot restock this product any longer. We are so sorry!