The Birds Window Sticker is a very beautiful and uniquely designed sticker! The Birds Window Sticker allows you to decorate your windows or mirrors with these beautiful stickers! The Birds Window Sticker comes in 3 parts:

  • Small Leafs
  • Leafs with Baby Birds
  • and Mother Bird

These 3 parts are already precut and can easily be peeled off and applied very conveniently! Bonus leaf stickers are also included on the edge of the sticker sheet. However, these bonus leaf stickers are not precut but can easily be cut with a pair of scissors if you want to use them. All stickers are removable when you no longer need to use them or want to move them to a different location too!

To apply:

  1. Please wipe your windows or mirrors clean, if the surface is not clean, stickers will not attach well.
  2. Use a towel or a credit card to think out the air bubbles that may be created while attaching the stickers on a surface. You will need to attach the stickers from the edge and slowly apply with the towel or credit card to reduce the amount of air bubbles that may be created underneath while applying.
  3. When removing slowly peel off the sticker from the surface. If you detach and attach multiple times, sticker transparency may decrease over time.

Please check out the photos to learn more!

Materials FasCal Removable
Dimensions 11.69 x 8.19in.
Weight 3oz
Product Status Location
Birds Window Sticker In Stock — Ready to Ship Seattle, WA, 98134