The 5pcs Hwarang Eraser Set comes with a variety of erasers for you to use! They’re all small, compact and soft and a must have for any task like homework, drawing, note-taking, planning, sketching and more. The erasers are also smudge resistant and gentle enough so they won’t rip papers.

  • Comes with 5 Erasers Total:
    • 1x Mustard: 1.14×0.7×0.35 in.
    • 1x Pink Jumbo: 1.14×0.7×0.24 in.
    • 1x Edge Yellow: 1.73×0.59×0.31 in.
    • 1x Square White: 1.02×1.02×0.31 in.
    • 1x 4B Rectangle: 1.42×0.67×0.31 in.

Please note: The erasers may have minor scratches and printing errors due to the manufacturing process.

Materials Plastic
Dimensions 3.23 x 1.77in.
Weight 2oz
Product Status Location
5pcs Hwarang Eraser Set In Stock — Ready to Ship Seattle, WA, 98134